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Your businesses’ financial success and long-term
sustainability is our priority.


We leverage the latest technology to ensure all your business financial activities are accurately recorded in the most efficient way possible.


With over 18 years experience in full cycle accounting, you can have complete peace of mind in knowing your business is compliant and free of surprises.


We offer a wide range of financial services while always maintaining open communication and full transparency.

What we Do

Our Services

Business Financial Services

  • Financial statements preparation
  • Budget planning
  • Tax planning
  • Financial reports analysis
  • Profit maximization

Income Tax Returns

  • Self-employed – Sole-proprietors & Partnerships
  • Rentals & Investments
  • Corporations


  • Invoicing & revenue tracking
  • Expense receipts management
  • Bank reconciliations
  • HST reporting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable


  • Employee and contractor payroll processing
  • Government remittances 
  • WSIB reporting
  • Year-end tax forms

And more…

  • New business registrations
  • New business set up and training
  • Subsidies & grants applications
  • CRA audit assistance

About us

We are a highly experienced virtual accounting firm serving small to medium businesses in Ontario, Canada.

Our focus is to support and guide motivated entrepreneurs in their journey to achieving their business and financial goals. We utilize the latest technology and strategies to ensure your sustainable growth, compliance and long-term prosperity.

Our forward thinking approach aims at providing optimal flexibility; affordability and custom tailored advice. Whether you are starting your first business or expanding what you have already built, we are here to guide you in every step of the way while utilizing every opportunity to achieve success and maximum profitability.

Meet the Owner
Catalina Marulanda

Catalina has over 18 years experience as a corporate accountant and financial consultant working with large multinational organizations in the Ottawa area as well as smaller businesses. In the last five years she has also gained significant experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner herself.
Catalina has a passion for helping Canadian business owners and their families find financial freedom while growing rewarding and fulfilling businesses that will leave a legacy for future generations to come. She is also dedicated to a life of learning, constantly looking for ways to update her knowledge and better guide her clients through the quick changing economic environment we live in.

“Catalina took over our bookkeeping eight months after opening our first restaurant and did a great job at catching up our books and fully reconciling our bank accounts for year end filings. Catalina has been with us every step of the way since, including the opening of two additional businesses which she does all our bookkeeping for. She also assisted us in applying for Covid subsidies during a very difficult time for the restaurant industry. We are extremely grateful for the support, guidance and knowledge Catalina brings to the table. “

Jony Abdulnour, Owner

Margarita Restaurant, Mona’s Taqueria & La Chingadera Mexican Market

“I am an Immigration consultant and have been working with Catalina for filing my business tax returns for a few years now. She is professional, and experienced. I recommend Catalina as she is not only friendly, but prompt, accessible and supportive for questions out of the box.”

Ebru Albay, RCIC

EA Capital Immigration

“Catalina’s guidance is extremely helpful. She has been doing my income tax returns for the last few years and also helped me choose the best life insurance investment. She is very knowledgeable, professional & dedicated to meeting her client’s needs.”

Tina Moratto, Holistic Nutritionist

Moratto Nutrition

Our Clients

We understand what it is like to dream of being your own boss, becoming an entrepreneur and making the world a better place by offering your talents, services and products to members of our community.

It is our priority to ensure that you as our client never feels alone in this journey. We are committed to building a strong and honest relationship with you, and to support your evolving needs, as well as the needs of the customers you serve. 

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